Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hi! My Long Lost Friend...

Hello Sept 2012 going to Oct 2012!

It's about two years since my last post. Many things have changed, many words have said, many joys and laughter have passed. That's why I named this blog 'sherrs' reminiscence' two years ago which is exactly what I am doing right now. Many thoughts went through my mind as I read my previous blog and this blog. Many silly things I have done, many rubbish I have said. I even had an argument with a passerby who commented unreasonably on the post I have made in 2007. HAHA! Thinking about those crazy days, I really missed it, but I felt that I was really immature. oh dear. A sign of getting old?

2 years have passed and I am still working at the same place but with more responsibilities. And this job made me realised that how indifferent, scary and helpless a person can be. I am still that independent person who likes to do things on my own. I am not afraid to speak of my views which may have hurt certain people. I'm still that same old person, unable to care about other person's feelings because its simply tiring. Tired of those white lies and hypocrites. Well, is this the sign that I have slowly becoming a self centered person or sign of becoming inhuman? let me reflect myself and probably I will come up with an answer soon.

Okay, stop this depressing and negative thinking.

Other Updates:

I am studying part time degree and this is my second year. Thank God that I passed most of my exams.Trying to study for upcoming examinations, but I am still lazy as before. 'Never forget, laziness leads to a person's downfall.' My revision starts from tomorrow! order to focus on my studies, I have stopped my piano lessons after passing my grade 8 exam.

I'm starting to read up this book that I bought ' The Pilgrim's Progress '. Shall make an update once I finish reading the book. And more books to read, as I strive to improve my spiritual life, in and out.

Questions I asked myself today: What have I achieve till now? What am I going to do next?
I simply have no answer for that.

PS and note to self: I have not forget that I wanted a dog named jolly. And I have been holding it off since young. And now, I think I'm still not ready yet. Let me finish my studies first as having a dog requires a great commitment, time and money.

I will end here today and welcome back my long lost friend...

Friday, October 15, 2010

okay... right...

its been months and I'm still lazy to type things. But when i get something to write, I will write longer than what i expect. Just recent things that I want to consider and say out or else I will get full of boiling water! :D

I don't know what you think. but I seriously do not like people who talks without respect or people who do not talk in a nice way. I met alot of people who are like that. I just think that the way a person should talk when telling others to do things/when they want things to be done by other person should be in a respectful manner. Sometimes I really wish to tell the person off by saying "please speak or ask in a proper manner". Sometimes, I think the person do not really know that the way he/she speak is hurtful or very unrespectful. It doesn't matter if you are a low class or a high class, low pay or high pay, low rank or high rank, if you treat others like that, do not expect others to return you a favor.

The worst thing to expect is to order a person to do things with "whatever you have". I think that is so wrong. If things can be said in a nice way, why not? why have to make a big fuss out of it. I don't understand why. With people like this, I don't know how long to stay here. That's why I say, even with good pay, good friends, good environment, working with such people is a NONO to me. nahh. that's all...........

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Watch "the pianist" yesterday and was inspired by the show and of course by the songs played. And currently learning the main theme of the song. When playing I can imagine scenes from the show and i think its good, because more emotions can be put in the song.

Well, I passed the exam. Thank God, I did what I could, and given my 100%, because I know that, that day wasn't my usual playing. So alright. Now I get to choose grade 8 exam pieces.
It wasn't easy, a lot of the songs need a lot of finger techniques, QUECK! And the A part have about 4 sheets, B part more than 4, C... no need to say, i think its the hardest because I have yet to choose which one to play! HAHHA! Need to listen to listen to two discs, can't decide which I liked best.

Yup... Anyway working, I think I'm sick? Fatigue almost everyday, always falling asleep at 9 to 10pm. Cannot concentrate during sat. Quite tiring. Maybe the thinking makes me sleepy. Well... Politics always happen in any workplace, nevertheless, it does here too. Never like politics, but I always liked to be independent. Once I thought, is this really for me? But is there any job that I do not need any contact with workmates, just independently doing your work and pass it up to your supervisor at the end of the day? I don't think so! HAHHA.

That's the end. I wanna watch my TV! :D MISSED ALL OF IT!